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This week I wanted to talk about custom orders we are currently working on for our clients.  One of the main concepts for our business is to provide our customers with exactly what they want!  Whatever it is, we’ll find a way to make it for you, at the most affordable cost for both of us. 
This week started out with an order for curtains for our customer’s garage.  They wanted them to be very simple, made of a durable material and have the ability to wash often.  I made two sets of 63” curtains out of a beige duck cloth material.  The top hem has a 4” pocket to fit most sized rods, while the bottom was made with a 1 ½” hem for a nice finish.  Although very simple, our customer had a hard time finding exactly what she wanted in the store, so we provided exactly what she’d been looking for. 

I haven't gotten a picture of them hanging in her garage, but here is a picture of another set of curtains I made for one of my bedrooms. 


The next order was for a custom frame.  Kimberly wanted a picture made for her room with her and Kyle’s children’s names spelled out in scrabble pieces.  The colors of her room are gray, white and yellow.  She wanted the rustic frame whitewashed and a phrase burnt into it.  Haley and I are still working on this piece and look forward to making more of these one of a kind pieces!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Here is another picture of a Mother’s Day frame we made for our customer, Valerie’s Daughter.  I gave her some ideas to dress up the picture frame and this is what she chose.  Haley put this together for her and did great job.  Both Valerie and her daughter loved it!   

Next, we are making a custom pair of Board & Batten Shutters for Debbie.  She has a charming house in Northern Kentucky and was looking for something to set it apart from the neighbors… These shutters will do the trick!  So classy!  These shutters are one of my favorite things to make.  When I worked on the shutters for my house, I felt so good taking time to carefully put each shutter together and know that I could be proud of the work I had done.  It totally changed the look of my house and it makes me happy every time I look up and see it.  I hope these shutter make Debbie as happy as they make me.


We’ve also received some special requests for bibs in particular fabrics to fit an interest the family has.  This certainly isn’t a problem and we’ve expanded our fabrics in our bandana bib collection.  We have several girl & boy options to choose from that will be added to our website this week!  I especially love the original bandana print that looks so cute on any little one wanting to dress like a real Cowboy or Cowgirl!  One thing I love about these bibs is all of the possibilities…We can make them to fit any personality or for any event!


Lastly, I’ve received an order from a friend of ours that wants to turn her sons t-shirt collection into a quilt.  I love this idea and I’m excited to start working on it!  The thought of taking something as simple as a t-shirt, that has so much meaning and memories is in one word…NEAT!  This will be something they can keep forever and have so many conversations about the events that led to buying each one.  It will be challenging and fun for me to lay this quilt out and make all of the pieces fit together.  I’m going to take my time with this one, because I want it to be perfect!  Another note, this is going to be a bigger quilt than our nursery size quilts.  We can do it!  If you have something in mind, just ask. 

We love doing custom orders and would love to tackle your project.  Keep us in mind if there is something you’re looking for!

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